College Basketball All-Hate Team ’17-’18


This is my third year doing my College Basketball All-Hate Team and this year’s list was a little tougher to put together than the past two.  Here is the past two teams in case you’re interested:

2015-2016 Team

Matt McQuaid (Michigan State)

Trevor Cooney (Syracuse)

Denzel Valentine (Michigan State) – CAPTAIN

Ryan Arcidiacono (Villanova)

Ryan Anderson (Arizona)

Jim Boeheim (Syracuse) – COACH

2016-2017 Team

Dillon Brooks (Oregon)

Grayson Allen (Duke) – CAPTAIN

J.P. Macura (Xavier)

Matt McQuaid (Michigan State)

Jared Terrell (Rhode Island)

John Calipari (Kentucky) – COACH

Only 1 player from last year’s squad graduated last year (Brooks) which means that there is a lot of opportunity for these guys to repeat on this year’s team.  I also like to pick a new coach every year to spice things up…there are plenty of hateable coaches to choose from after all.

Without further ado, here is the 2017-2018 College Basketball All-Hate Team.

Grayson Allen (Duke) – CAPTAIN


The now 2x Captain of the College All-Hate Team, Grayson Allen is going to be missed…for his annoyingness, cheap-shots, dirty play, whining and all-around hate-ability.  It takes someone special to go to Duke and be in the conversation for the most hated Duke player ever.  That’s when you know you’re a special kind of player and perfect to be the Captain of this year’s team.  You thought you were going to fly under the radar with all of the stud Freshmen at Duke, but I never forget.  Here’s a clip for you to remember Grayson (isn’t that the perfect name too?):

But seriously, check out how many dirty plays he’s had over the years.  It’s kind of remarkable…in a scummy way.

J.P. Macura (Xavier)

J.P. Macura

J.P. Macura, the most hateable guy in the Big East.  He plays a little chippy at all times, always looking for that extra edge to frustrate you and draw calls from the officials.  He’s the definition of a guy you hate when your team plays against him but you would love him if he were on your team.  And of course he wears both the longs sleeves and pants under his uniform, because that’s completely necessary.


I have to admit, I did kind love this move to the Wisconsin fans who were heckling him all game…but I still hate him.


Reggie Lynch (Minnesota)


First of all, you have the stupidest haircut I’ve ever seen in my life.  Secondly, Lynch was accused of sexual misconduct (not for the first time) and was still allowed to play on the team amid the allegations.  Everyone is allowed due process, but even when he was suspended he was still allowed to join the team for practice and team activities.  What the hell Richard Pitino?  Lynch dropped his appeal of his to the charges and accepted his expulsion from Minnesota, which does not look good.  Fuck this guy.

Kavell Bigby-Williams (Oregon)


How this guy isn’t in his mid-40’s is beyond me, but that’s besides the point.  Kavell played JUCO before he transferred to Oregon where he was allowed to play the 2016-2017 season while under criminal investigation for sexual assault.  This isn’t the first time that Coach Dana Altman has let players accused of criminal sexual assault play while under investigation.  He also did this with 3 players in 2014. had a very detailed timeline of events that took place at Oregon under Dana Altman as well.  And here is a very detailed account of everything he was accused of by Rob Dauster.

He since transferred to LSU

Matt McQuaid (Michigan State)


Congrats to McQuaid on being a 3x College Basketball All-Hate Team member.  McQuaid has actually turned into a decent contributor for a very good Michigan State team this year, playing about 21 minutes a game and shooting 41% from three.  That still doesn’t make me hate him any less and he still acts like he’s way better than he is.  The reason you get all these open threes is because you’re the 5th guy on the floor that the other team is thinking about pal.  This seems like the year where all these sexual assault cases are coming to light, so I had to include a picture with Tom Izzo in there as well.

Rick Pitino (Unemployed) – COACH


This may have been the hardest year to pick a Head Coach for the All-Hate squad.  There seems to be allegations against a plethora of College coaches out there but Pitino takes the cake.  Mr. Fifteen Seconds finally got the boot from Louisville and they vacated their 2014 National Championship as well.  Granted, I think vacating wins and Championships is stupid because everyone still remembers that those teams won but whatever.

From prostitutes and strippers to payouts to recruits, Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals really did it all.  Do we have to pretend that he never coached at PC now?  Is that how we play it?  At least those wins weren’t vacated so I think that we’re OK.

Honorable Mentions: Pashcal Chukwu (Syracuse), Fatts Russell (Rhode Island), Rashaan Holloway (UMass), Omari Spellman (Villanova), Ky Bowman (Boston College), & Bennie Boatwright (USC)

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