The College Basketball All-Hate Team for 2022-2023

Here are some of the previous season College All-Hate Squads. I haven’t been able to put a team together for every season but I think I want to give Jim Boeheim a Lifetime Achievement Award (even though he was the Coach of the 2015-2016 Team) for being such a blow hard over such a long period of time and he’s officially/unofficially/hopefully retiring after this season…oh, and he killed a guy.

2015-2016 Team – Coach: Jim Boeheim (Syracuse); Captain: Denzel Washington (MSU), Trevor Cooney (Syracuse), Matt McQuaid (MSU), Ryan Anderson (Arizona), & Ryan Arcidiacono (Villanova). Honorable Mentions: None

2016-2017 Team – Coach: John Calipari (Kentucky); Captain: Grayson Allen (Duke), Matt McQuaid (MSU), Dillon Brooks (Oregon), J.P. Macura (Xavier), Jared Terrell (URI). Honorable Mentions: Luke Kennard (Duke), Jalen Brunson (Villanova), & Paschal Chukwu (Syracuse). Special Hate Shout Out: Jamie Luckie

2017-2018 Team – Coach: Rick Pitino (Unemployed); Captain: Grayson Allen (Duke), J.P. Macura (Xavier), Reggie Lynch (Minnesota), Kavell Bigby-Williams (Oregon), Matt McQuaid (MSU). Honorable Mentions: Pashcal Chukwu (Syracuse), Fatts Russell (Rhode Island), Rashaan Holloway (UMass), Omari Spellman (Villanova), Ky Bowman (Boston College), & Bennie Boatwright (USC)

2018-2019 Team – Coach: Mike Krzyzewski (Duke); Captain: Ignas Brazdeikis (Michigan), Matt McQuaid (MSU), Fatts Russell (URI), Rashaan Holloway (UMass), Bennie Boatwright (USC). Honorable Mentions: Paschal Chukwu (Syracuse) & Ky Bowman (BC)

2019-2020 Team – Coach: Mick Cronin (UCLA); Captain: Markus Howard (Marquette), Fatts Russell (URI), Grant Riller (College of Charleston), Pat Spencer (Northwestern), Mac McClung (Georgetown). Honorable Mentions: Mitch Ballock (Creighton), Sean McDermott (Butler), Chris Arcidiacano (Villanova), Theo John (Marquette), Tre Jones (Duke), LeMelo Ball (New Zealand Breakers), Jarron Cumberland (Cincinnati), & Mamadi Diakite (Virginia)

As always, I want to make it clear that this is fun hate, not real hate. Most likely, if these guys were on the team I was rooting for, I would probably be fan of them. And people don’t hate nobodies, so if you made the team, you’re most likely not too bad at basketball. After two years holding in all the hate, here is this season’s All-Hate Team.

André Curbelo (St. John’s) – Captain

Once upon a time, when Curbelo was coming out of High School and Ed Cooley and Providence were recruiting him, he was near the top of the list of recruiting targets that I was hoping would come to Friartown. He looked like a playmaker who’s main objective was to get his teammates in the best positions possible to score, exactly the type of engineer that would thrive in a point guard-driven team that Ed Cooley likes to put on the floor.

However, ever since he chose to go to Illinois and then transfer over to St. John’s, he’s been just about everything I can’t stand in a point guard and supposed leader. He seems to care about everything you shouldn’t care about and with the passing ability this guy has, it just kinda sucks.

It looked like sliding Posh Alexander out of the point guard role and letting him play freer and slash would have solidified the starting lineup for the Johnnies with everyone in a role that suited them best. Instead, he racked up some DNPs throughout the season and you know what, the team looked better without him.

Baylor Scheierman (Creighton)

After the Friars played South Dakota State in the NCAA Tournament (and won I might add), you just knew this kid was going to go to Creighton. It felt like he should have already been playing there to begin with. He appears to be so unathletic and like someone you would see playing at your local YMCA, but he is somehow able to find his spots and enough room to get to places he wants. He’s also a knockdown shooter with a shot that looks like he basically throws it like a baseball with his left hand. He has the short sleeve undershirt AND the headband working. No thank you.

Zach Freemantle (Xavier)

What, you think just because you got hurt, that I can’t hate you. Nice try Zach-y boy. First of all, it’s spelled ZACK. How did that H find its way in there. Secondly, if you can’t grow facial hair, that’s OK…just don’t try to grow it then. He’s sported both the wispy mustache and the see-through goatee of a Freshman in High School who stays after school for Science Club.

Have your player photo more like a mug shot…you can’t.

He also thinks he’s way tougher than he is which is annoying as hell. Why can’t this guy just graduate already?

Paul Mulcahy (Rutgers)

Finally, I get to go out of conference and pick someone who I don’t watch as regularly as the rest. If you try to intentionally hurt someone, particularly one of the best players in the country and do so in some cowardly way…then you’re on the list.

He is Grayson Allen. You try to trip someone, you Grayson Allen.

How about an ejection too, just to cement things.

Adam Kunkel (Xavier)

I had Andre Jackson on here for so long but in the end I went with Adam Kunkel instead. While I don’t like Andre Jackson and think he is quite possibly the most over-hyped player in college basketball, he doesn’t personally do much that actually makes me dislike him. It’s really everyone else and how they talk about him that makes me not like him.

Kunkel on the other hand, somehow challenges Freemantle for the worst facial hair in the game. Not only that, but he pulled a bush league full-on running cross check into the back of my guy Ed Croswell. So, he gets the nod due to that alone.

Coach: Danny Hurley (UConn)

I can’t believe how many pictures and videos there are out there that I could use for Dan Hurley. First he was the head coach of Providence’s in-state rivalry with URI.

And now he’s at Providence’s in-conference rival with UConn.

Sixth Man – Andre Jackson (UConn)

Sorry, but you get the honor of being mentioned before the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Arcidiacono (Villanova), Andrew Hurley (UConn), David Jones (St. John’s), Joel Soriano (St. John’s), John Scheyer (don’t think just ’cause you’re a coach that you’re off my radar), Georgetown’s Hiring Staff, Jeff Goodman (college basketball analyst), Steve Lappas (college basketball announcer), Donny Marshall/Tim Brando announcing Providence games, & Ryan Kalkbrenner (Creighton)

Special Hate Shout Out – James Breeding, you’re the worst.

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