Ben Bentil Signs with Bilbao Basket of Spain Liga ACB


Ben Bentil has officially signed with the Spanish Liga ACB team Bilbao Basket.  Bentil started the season playing for Champagne Chalons-Reims in France where he averaged 11.7 points and 4.8 rebounds in 25 minutes per game.

Spanish Liga ACB is the top professional basketball league in Spain

There are a couple of Americans on the Bilbao Basket squad already, but none of them were previously drafted like Bentil was (51st overall by the Boston Celtics).

Tim Kempton – Lehigh (’17)

Mickell Gladness – Alabama A&M (’08)

Devin Thomas – Wake Forest (’16)

Bilbao is just 6-15 in the Liga ACB Standings, which would place them in 15th place out of 18 teams in the league.  They are also currently just 2-8 in the Eurocup, good for 5th place out of 6 teams in Group C (20th overall).  It looks like they are about two third of the way through the season so there should be an opportunity for Bentil to improve the team and most likely some freedom to fill it up on offense, which is the strength of Ben’s game.

Here’s Bentil’s arrival, physical, and introduction with Bilbao.


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