PC Friars Offer 2020 Point Guard Symir Torrence


Symir Torrence, a 6’3” point guard in the class of 2020 was offered by Providence on January 24th, the sixth offer that the Friars have made to a member of that class.   The other 5 offers have been made to Niels Lane, Hunter Dickinson, Earl Timberlake, Noah Farrakhan, and Brandon Boston.

Providence will have four members of its basketball team graduating to make four spots available for the 2020 class, including Alpha Diallo, Maliek White, Kalif Young, and Drew Edwards (redshirt).  That will make the 2020 class one of great importance with that many open scholarships available for PC.

While Torrence has been getting more and more interest from teams, he mostly has offers from local colleges including George Washington, UMass, & Providence.  His other two offers are coming from Cincinnati and Tulane.  He does however have interest from a few big schools in Syracuse, Ohio State, Indiana, and Boston College.  With the interest in Torrence seemingly increasing very quickly, it was definitely a good idea for the Frairs staff to get involved in his recruitment early.

With Symir being from Syracuse, New York, the threat of ‘Cuse coming in at anytime to offer him will always be there.  Torrence plays for Vermont Academy located in Saxtons River, Vermont so I wanted to look them up to see if there are any notable basketball players who played there.  Instead, I found out that Joe Perry of Aerosmith and the guy who invented Fluff went to school there…and now that’s all I need to know.

Torrence isn’t currently ranked on most recruiting sites but most of them only have between 25 to 75 players ranked so far for the 2020 class and guys that young are still growing so it’s tough to correctly slot them without projecting so far out.  Based on his size already, he’s going to be big and athletic for a point guard, much like the body that Kris Dunn had coming into college.

Here’s some basketball highlights for Torrence.  Some of them list him as the class of 2019 so I’m guessing he reclassified to 2020 at some point.

He looks like he can’t get to the hoop any time he wants.  That’s his go-to.  His jumper looks a little awkward, almost like  when you’re really young and learning how to shoot a jump shot so you have to start it really low in order to be able to heave it all the way up to the hoop.  He also doesn’t seem to square up both feet to the hoop but those are things that are easily adjusted.  It also doesn’t look like it impacts his shoot much but when he starts going up against bigger and stronger guys, it might be tough to get that shot off.

Here’s some more recent highlights where his shot already looks 10x better and he still looks like he can blow by anyone and finish strong at the hoop.

These next two ones are a little different and are just straight clips of him playing hoops.  They act more as short films I guess I would describe them but they do have clips within them so check them out too if you’re so inclined.

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