PC Friars Offer 2020 Wing Earl Timberlake


The Friars recruiting efforts came two fold this week with offers to 2020 Dematha Catholic teammates Hunter Dickinson and Earl Timberlake.  First of all, those are two great freaking names.  I need these guys both on PC just because of that alone.  Second of all, they can be the 2020 version of AAU Mass Rivals teammates David Duke and A.J. Reeves.  Two top-50 guys who already have a chemistry from playing together going to the same college and kicking ass.

Timberlake currently holds offers from Kansas State, Penn State, Rhode Island (gross), Virginia Tech, West Virginia, and Georgetown.

He comes in 48th overall in the 2020 247Sports Composite Rankings, 26th in the nation on Rivals, but doesn’t crack the ESPN Top-25…yet.  I don’t know why ESPN only has a Top-25 for the 2020 class, but it might have something to do with them laying off every good sports analyst they employ so that they can have more time on air for crap we don’t care about (i.e. Lavar Ball).

Timberlake is listed at 6’5” and 175 pounds or somewhere there abouts according to a couple of different sites.  Earl is from Maryland, much like a lot of the guys that PC is getting to come up to the Northeast.

Now, did I, or did I not, say that Cooley likes those southpaws?   Just from watching the first highlights of him, it’s clear that Timberlake’s biggest strength is his ability to finish at the rim.  He can finish with his left or right and through all sorts of contact.

Just from the looks of the second, albeit short, highlight package, it looks like he’s already gotten bigger and taller. His go-to is still driving and finishing and it’s crazy that I haven’t seen a single jump shop yet through two different highlight videos. It took me a little bit to make the determination that he was even a lefty without seeing him shoot because he finishes with both hands so well.

He seems to be handling the ball a lot but profiles more as a combo guard than a straight forward point guard from the looks of things.  I have a feeling that a guy that plays with as much aggression and asserts his offense on top of a defense like Timberlake does, that his stock is going to explode by the time next summer come around.

4 thoughts on “PC Friars Offer 2020 Wing Earl Timberlake

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