PC Friars Offer 2020 Five-Star Big Man Hunter Dickinson


We all might be caught up in the pre-season rankings and the absolute smashings during exhibition games against New England rivals, but recruiting does not stop for this PC Friars coaching staff.

The Friars offered the Dematha Catholic (Hyattsville, Maryland) center on Tuesday, October 24th, the day before their exhibition meeting with UConn at Mohegan Sun.  The Friars have had a recent run of success in recruiting guys out of the DMV area with Drew Edwards (Perry Hall, Maryland), Nate Watson (Arlington, Virginia), Rodney Bullock (Hampton, Virginia), Maliek White (Richmond, Virginia), and Dajour Dickens (Hampton, Virginia) all hailing from down there.  Guys from that area can see players that they played against in High School playing in the Big East and at Madison Square Garden and having success while doing it.  That’s a great recruiting tool to have and the Friars have gotten their foot in the door in that area in a big way.

The Big Man stands at a legitimate 7’0” and 220 pounds already, but by the time he gets on a college campus, he’ll have even more muscle on that big ole frame of his.  Dickinson already holds a number of offers from top-level programs like Virginia, Notre Dame, Illinois, South Carolina, USC, Georgia Tech, and Big East foe Georgetown, just to name a few.

Dickinson is a 5-star recruit who ranks 13th in the 247Sports composite rankings for the  2020 class, and 7th in the ESPN Top 25 rankings.

For a young big guy, Dickinson has incredible fundamentals.  Sometimes with guys of this size, you see them rely on that size completely and not worry about the fundamentals of the game, but Dickinson couldn’t be more opposite than that.  You can see him immediately look for bodies to box out when jump shots go up and he turns to look for the outlet pass in the same motion as he comes down with a rebound.  He passes well out of the post and has extremely good footwork.  In the highlights, he’s slipping screens, flashing to the ball, and on defense he never unnecessarily leaves his feet.  He has really good poise and discipline in his game already, which means you won’t have to spend time teaching bad habits out of him when he gets to school.

Of course, as a usually say, as he grows into his body, he will become even more athletic and sure of his movements on the floor.  Dickinson, impressively, already looks to be on his way there.

Plus, we all know that Ed Cooley loves those lefties.

If he wore these bad ass specks during the game, I’d somehow be even higher on him.  These things are slick as hell.

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