2020 Big Man Hunter Dickinson Includes Providence in his Final Seven Schools


Five star center Hunter Dickinson of DeMatha Catholic has cut down to his final list of schools and included Providence College in his final seven.

The other six schools include some heavy-hitters with North Carolina, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Purdue.  The 7-footer has been ranked in the top-25 in his class for a long time now and has grown more agile with his size as he’s continue to develop a well-rounded post game through High School.  It’s common for young guys who have a huge growth spurt to require some time for their coordination to catch up to their heigh but Dickinson has looked like his skill set has always fit his size.  It’s just been a matter of getting things to look a little smoother, which they more than have.

“Coach Cooley is one of the best coaches that I have ever met at any level of basketball. I really like the way that he talks about using me in his offense.”

The Friars offered Dickinson all the way back in October of 2017, so they have been high on him basically since he entered High School.  Hunter took advantage of the new visitation rules for Juniors when the Friars hosted Dickinson on campus earlier this year in April on an official visit.

Dickinson is teammates with another target in the 2020 class that Providence is all-in on, Earl Timberlake.  Landing the two running mates would give the Friars an unbelievable class if they were able to get them to Friartown.  Not only would that give the Friars a super impactful duo in that class but Cooley and PC have also offered another teammate of theirs, 2022 guard Tyrell Ward.  It looks like they want to get in early on these DeMatha kids, and after checking out most of these kids in each others’ highlights, I can’t say I blame them.

“Coach Cooley is the man. He’s really invested in me and I really like his personality. I think he is someone who i can trust with getting me to the next level.”

Dickinson has stated that he will begin scheduling his official visits in August, so he’ll get to check out the new Ruane Center firsthand.  I haven’t heard a single person come away with anything other than awe after checking the state of the art facility out.

I just want to throw this out there…but his ability to use both hands so interchangeably is a fundamental sight to behold.  I freaking love it.

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