Legend Geeter is Headed to the Transfer Portal

This one really sucks. I don’t blame Legend Geeter one bit for entering the transfer portal and I totally understand why he would do so, but it still sucks.

Ed Cooley and the Friars have already nabbed 5 players from the portal (Noah Locke, Clifton Moore, Devin Carter, Corey Floyd Jr., & Bryce Hopkins), all with more collegiate basketball experience than Geeter, who redshirted his Freshman Year. The first couple of transfer commits didn’t really play the same position as Geeter but when Cooley was able to snatch Bryce Hopkins, Geeter’s potential playing time most likely took a legitimate hit for next season.

Geeter was the first player to commit for Providence’s 2021 recruiting class. At the time of his commitment, Geeter chose the Friars from his final list of schools that included Georgetown, Missouri, Western Michigan, & Duquesne.

Since most of Friartown has most likely not seen Geeter play in a live game, just imagine a younger version of Alpha Diallo. The 6’8” swingman’s is essentially a mirror image of the way that Diallo played for the Friars. Thier respective size and body types are almost identical with a game that feasts on smaller defenders down low and slower defenders outside. Geeter is a gritty player who makes his presence on the court felt both with and without the ball. I was so looking forward to seeing him on the floor next year but I wish him success and happiness wherever he goes next. I can absolutely seeing him have the same type of impact that Jyare Davis had when he transferred to Delaware. They are similar types of players and Davis got better and better as the year went on, ultimately being named the Freshman of the Year in the conference.

“[Legend’s] the poster child for the position-less basketball player. At 6’8″, he is a productive offensive player inside or outside.”

Lamonta Stone, Geeter’s Coach at River Rouge (MI)

That is the definition of a prototypical Ed Cooley player. Some program is going to get four years of a really, really good player and from all accounts an awesome person and teammate as well. Damn…but still, Once a Friar, Always a Friar. I’ll be rooting for him no matter what.

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