Ben Bentil Signs with French Club Champagne Chalons-Reims


Per Chris Reichert of 2Ways10Days, Ben Bentil has signed overseas with the French Club Champagne Charlons-Reims.

Champagne Charlons-Reims plays in the French Pro A Division.  I took a quick glance at their roster to see if I recognized any of the names of his new teammates but nothing jumped off the page at me.  As far as guys who played their college ball in the US, there’s Ed Daniel (Murray State), Martin Hermannsson (LIU Brooklyn), Paul Carter (Minnesota/Illinois-Chicago), & LeMonte Ulmer (URI).  Based off of that list of guys, it looks like Bentil is easily the one coming in with the most notoriety from his College playing days.  Here’s a look at the new (and improved) team photo.


Bentil also re-tweeted the following from his personal twitter account.

Based on Fran Fraschilla’s rankings of the top International Basketball Leagues, the French Pro A ranks as the 7th best league outside the NBA in the world.  For those of you wondering about Ice Cotton’s Australian League, it’s ranked 10th on the list.

So, now it looks like I have to learn some French words to cheer Bentil on or I can just swear a bunch and follow it up with a, “pardon my French.”  Either way works for me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stream a game in the future and check up on the Big Guy.

Bonne Chance Ben!

2 thoughts on “Ben Bentil Signs with French Club Champagne Chalons-Reims

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