Friars Scholarship Grid

Friars Scholarship Grid






1 Kyron Cartwright Isaiah Jackson

Drew Edwards*

 Makai Ashton-Langford
2 Jalen Lindsey Drew Edwards* Alpha Diallo  Nate Watson
3 Rodney Bullock Alpha Diallo Maliek White  Dajour Dickens
4 Emmitt Holt Maliek White Kalif Young  AJ Reeves
5 Isaiah Jackson Kalif Young Makai Ashton Langford  Kris Monroe
6 Drew Edwards* Makai Ashton-Langford Nate Watson Jimmy Nichols Jr.
7 Alpha Diallo Nate Watson Dajour Dickens David Duke
8 Maliek White Dajour Dickens AJ Reeves OPEN
9 Kalif Young AJ Reeves Kris Monroe  OPEN
10  Makai Ashton-Langford Kris Monroe Jimmy Nichols Jr.  OPEN
11 Nate Watson Jimmy Nichols Jr. David Duke  OPEN
12 Dajour Dickens David Duke OPEN  OPEN
OPEN 1 2 3 7

Seniors – Blue

Juniors – Orange

Sophomores – Red

Freshmen – Purple


2 thoughts on “Friars Scholarship Grid

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