Kim English is Keeping Everyone as Rafael Castro is Coming Back to Providence

With more players transferring than ever before and the guy who recruited and coached every single player from the Providence Friars roster having taken another job within the same conference, somehow, newly named Coach Kim English has been able to get every single player on the team (save for Jared Bynum portaling for his age 25 season) to commit to trusting him and staying at Providence College.

Corey Floyd Jr.

Quante Berry

Alyn Breed (for now)

Devin Carter

Bryce Hopkins

Jayden Pierre

…and now Rafael Castro

With Kim English’s preferred offensive style being 4 out/1 in, he has a chance to play more to Castro’s strengths as a big who can stretch the floor out past the three-point line. As of right now, having only one other player taller than 6’7” committed to the team next year (Josh Oduro – 6’9”), there is some minutes that are currently available to be had.

Castro needs to gain a little confidence in pulling the trigger when he’s in the game and I think English’s personality and the playing style that the team will adapt to next season can both help him become more comfortable on the floor. Castro was 0/4 from three last year but coming out of High School, his ability to shoot the ball well from three with his size was one of the more enticing parts of his game. I’m hoping that he can get back to being given the chance to play more to his strengths next season.

Despite only playing 168 total minutes last season, the third least amount on the team, he was able to record 13 blocks, good for 5th most on the team.

Welcome Back Slim!

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