Jayden Pierre is Headed Back to Providence

Jayden Pierre was officially in the transfer portal for one week. That’s exactly how long it took Kim English to convince the young point guard that he is the right coach for him and Providence is still the right school for him. Or, could it be that Jayden Pierre is a man of his word and paid his lost bet after losing to English in a game of one-on-one to return to PC?

Everyone knows you can’t squelch on a bet or else nobody will ever trust you again…or something like that. Rules are rules.

Pierre officially announced that he was staying on his Twitter account on Sunday.

At least I was hoping that’s what he said. Coach English cleared things up shortly after and we could collectively breath a sigh of relief.

With the future of Alyn Breed up in the air following a crazy series of events these past couple of days where he was charged with some very serious allegations involving his long-term girlfriend, suspended indefinitely from the basketball team, and now his accuser has recanted on the allegations she made to the police. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with him legally or if he would even want to stay at Providence if given the opportunity to do so by the team.

In regards to the basketball implications, Jayden Pierre’s return was even more vital to the team with the uncertainty of Breed and the lack of depth of ball-handlers. Here is the current backcourt positional depth at the moment:

Point Guard: Jayden Pierre

Shooting Guard: Devin Carter/Quante Berry/Justyn Fernandez

You could slide Corey Floyd Jr. into the shooting guard spot if you want to have Carter bring the ball up like he did for a but while Jared Bynum was out last year with injuries but the Friars absolutely need an additional point guard…and shooter…and big.

Welcome Back JP!

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