Kris Dunn Signs a 2-Year $10M Deal with the Atlanta Hawks

Kris Dunn has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Hawks for 2-years and $10 million, with a player option for the 2nd year. The player option gives Dunn an opportunity to make some bank if he performs well in what appears to be a stellar situation in Atlanta.

The Hawks were looking for some serious defensive help in their backcourt to pair with their prolific offensive guard Trae Young. Not only did the Hawks sing Dunn, but they also brought Rajon Rondo on a similar 2-year deal worth $15 million. Rondo and Dunn are both known for their defense over their offense and that is where the pairing with Young fits so well. Young can shoot the lights out but doesn’t play great defense and Dunn/Rondo can shoot all that great but excel on the defensive end.

Last season, Dunn averaged 7.3 ppg, 3.4 apg, 3.6 rpg, & 2.0 spg. The Providence alum finished 2nd in the league in steals per game (0.1 spg behind Ben Simmons) and 1st in steal percentage. The fact that Dunn finished the season 2nd in steals per game but averaged only 24.9 minutes per game is crazy. You have to go all the way to Donte DiVincenzo, ranked 27th this past season in spg, before you find a player who averaged less minutes than Dunn.

The fit is perfect but I would much rather think that the below is the real reason that the Hawks wanted to sign Kris…

Fact, Kris Dunn will not back down from ANYONE. And it’s fun that Trae and Kris are now teammates.

I think Kris Dunn is going to THRIVE in his role on the Hawks, one in which he is asked to do what he is good at and to play directly towards his strengths.

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