Syracuse Guard Brycen Goodine Transfers to Providence


Syracuse Shooting Guard Brycen Goodine has announced his decision to transfer from the Orange to the Providence Friars.  Goodine was at Syracuse for only one season, which is longer than I could have stomached being under Jim Boeheim if I’m being honest.  With only one season under his belt, Brycen will have three remaining years of eligibility with the Friars (see how good I am at math stuff).  It’ll be interesting to see what the NCAA does with the transfer rules as Goodine could potentially be eligible for next season if they waive the necessity to sit out a year due to this season being cut short due to COVID-19.

The majority of college basketball transfers will most likely not be able to visit the school that they are going to ultimately commit to during this off-season but Goodine had already visits PC a couple of times and is familiar with both Cooley and the Providence College campus.

“I was thinking about playing at a local school and my No. 1 local school was Providence. I’ve been on their campus a bunch of times, I like coach (Ed) Cooley and the way he coaches.”

Goodine goes back a ways with PC stud guard David Duke as they teamed up for three years early in their basketball careers on the same AAU team (7th, 8th, & 9th grades).

Brycen’s only year at Syracuse was derailed by a broken nose and continued with limited minutes in the backcourt for the team.  Even though Goodine looked great in the clear face mask, he ended up averaging 1.9 points a game in a sparse 8.7 minutes per game.  You can pretty much throw out all the statistics from Goodine’s Freshman year with his inconsistent minutes and injury.  One of the main aspects that the Friars were missing in their offensive arsenal was some additional perimeter shooting.  At 6’4” and with a high release, Goodine can get his shot off easily over opposing defenders.


The highlight of Brycen Goodine’s Freshman season came with a put-back game-winner against Wake Forest.

Goodine didn’t even see the floor until about six minutes left in the 2nd half in the game.  That’s a big reason he’s making his way to Friartown.  He’s a guy who can make big plays in big spots but was never really given the opportunity at Syracuse.  Considering the two guards playing in from of him both averaged over 33 minutes a game and were a Freshman and a Sophomore, I’m not sure how much that was going to change going forward…especially when one of those players is the coach’s son.  Good luck leapfrogging him in the rotation.

Brycen was a Top-100 recruit coming out of High School (St. Andrews School) so the potential is absolutely there.  I’m not completely sure what number he will wear because Big Nate already sports #0 but as long as he’s sporting the black and white, any number is going to look good on him.

Welcome to Friartown!


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