Providence to Host 5-Star Recruit Hunter Dickinson this Weekend


Five-Star Big Man Hunter Dickinson will be taking full advantage of the new visitation rules for High School Juniors and taking a trip up to Providence this weekend per Stockrisers Jake Weingarten.

I expected a lot more Juniors to take advantage of the extra visits given in their Junior year but it doesn’t seem like a ton of them are checking out schools until their Senior years still.

The Friars were in early on Dickinson, offering him way back in October of 2017, about a year and a half ago.  Hunter is a legitimate big man with big size and skills to match.  He is listed as a Top-30 or so recruit on basically every single site I’ve come across.  The more his skills adapt to his body, the better he gets.

Dickinson attends the same school (DeMatha Catholic) as one of the Friars top recruiting targets, Earl Timberlake.  Earlier this month, Ed Cooley conducted an in-home visit with Timberlake, making sure he knows how much of a priority he is to the Friars coaching staff.  If Providence were able to scoop up both of these studs it would be a humongous boost to their program as a whole.

The best part of watching Hunter’s highlights is you get Timberlake highlights too. Let’s make this a thing guys!

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