The “How Is That Guy Still in College” Team for 2018-2019


One of my favorite blogs to write before the season is assembling of the “How Is That Guy Still in College” Team.  Some of these guys feel like they were in college the same time I was and are probably older than some of their coaches already, but are somehow still contributing on their College teams.

Here is the 2017-2018 Squad.

It is so rare to see good players stay all 4 years in College these days, so it’s also a testament to these guys for staying in school and earning that degree (or even a Graduate degree for some of the 5th year guys).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these old/young guys.

Ethan Happ, Wisconsin


Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ was on last year’s Honorable Mentions list for the team so it was probably the reason he decided to come back to college for his Senior year.  Happ is going to finish pretty high on a bunch of Wisconsin’s all-time records.  He is currently 8th in points and if he comes close to his scoring average last year, could end up in the Top-3.  Happ is already 2nd all-time in rebounds and needs just 29 to become the all-time leader, passing Claude Gregory.

The rest of his current ranks in Wisconsin history, before the season even starts break down like this.

Offensive Rebounds: 3rd

Assists: 15th

Steals: 3rd

Blocks: 6th

Fields Goals: 6th

I’d say those statistics pale in comparison to being named to the “How Is This Guys Still In College” Team for 2018-2019, but that’s just me.

Phil Booth, Villanova


Phil Booth would have been the talk of the Villanova 2016 National Championship if it hadn’t been for the late game heroics of both Marcus Paige and Kris Jenkins.  Booth led the Wildcats with 20 points in the game, making a case for his to be one of the go-to guys for Villanova the following year where they would defend their title.  Unfortunately, injury sidelined Booth and required a medical redshirt.  Somehow, the 2016 Phil Booth looks to now lead a defending National Champion Villanova team anyway…it just happens to be the 2018 title defense.

Luke Maye, North Carolina


Speaking of National Championship performances, Luke Maye, who probably has tenure at North Carolina at this point, will be on a lot of pre-season All-American teams to start the season.  Maye ended last season as an All-American and there were questions about whether he would come back to UNC for one last season.  Since no matter what he can do this season would really change his draft projection, why not come back and try to dominate one more time at the collegiate ranks?

Jalen Adams, UConn


Jalen Adams is the lone Husky to survive everything that has been happening with UConn over the past couple of years.  I remember Adams testing the NBA Draft waters two years ago, back when UConn still had a pretty good reputation and at least hadn’t fallen completely off the face of the earth as a team.  Through all the bad shit that has happened recently with the team, Adams has been the one bright spot shining through.

I can’t believe that it was Adams who made this crazy shot way back when.

Tacko Fall, UFC


I still remember when I first heard of Tacko Fall, the giant 7’6” behemoth who was getting set to play basketball at UCF.  I saw him play early in his career and while he had the height and look of someone who could be a problem for another team, his skill level was very far from where it needed to be in order to be effective in D1 basketball.

Much to his credit, he’s been working hard throughout his career and had made himself into a legitimate threat on both sides of the court.  The big man from Senegal was hurt for a lot of last season but should be primed to contribute heavily during his Senior campaign.

Honorable Mentions: Matt McQuaid (Michigan State), Eli Cain (DePaul), Isaac Copeland (Nebraska), Jessie Govan (Georgetown), Jordan Murphy (Minnesota), Emmitt Holt (Providence), Reid Travis (Kentucky), Eric Paschall (Villanova), Kyle Guy (Virginia – the lone Junior Honorable Mention that will be a starter on this team next year).

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