The “How Is That Guy Still in College” Team for 2017-2018


A little fun list before the basketball season actually begins, here’s a look at the team of guys who seem like they’ve been in College for the last decade or so.  It is so rare to see good players stay all 4 years in College these days, so it’s also a testament to these guys for staying in school and earning that degree (or even a Graduate degree for some of the 5th year guys).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these old/young guys.

Grayson Allen, Duke


It looked like Grayson Allen was finally going to be “the guy” at Duke this year, and will most likely be on a lot of pre-season All-American and Player of the Year lists in College Basketball…and then Marvin Bagley re-classified and committed to Duke.  Still Allen should be the leader on this year’s team and I hope to God that there is a tripping incident at some point in the season.  If he accidentally trips Coach K while sitting on the bench, the internet might explode.

Joel Berry II, UNC


Joel Berry was basically the elder statesman on last year’s North Carolina Championship team…and he’s back for another go-around.  First of all, elder statesman is a weird way to complimentary call someone old and experienced.  Second of all, I feel like because he has the II in his name and on the back of the jersey, it makes you think that he’s actually younger, does that make sense?  Like how anyone who is a Junior automatically seems younger than they might be.

Angel Delgado, Seton Hall


Angel Delgado has been posting double-doubles at Seton Hall for what seems like the last 20 years.  Much like the two guys above him, his game isn’t really going to change all that much with another year in college.  He’s going to dominate the boards and abuse your guy in the post.  His position in the draft probably won’t change all that much from what it would have been if he stayed in the draft last year unless Seton Hall makes an impressive run in the tournament.  Much like this year’s Providence Friars squad, Seton Hall is a veteran laden team that returns basically all of their contributors from last year.  And much like PC, imagine if these two teams had Isaiah Whitehead and Ben Bentil still there…then we’re talking about two teams starting the year in the Top 10, without a doubt.

Jordan McLaughlin, USC


This one particularly sticks out to me as Providence has faced off against USC in the NCAA Tournament each of the last two seasons.  Two years ago, the first time they played and Providence won on a Rodney Bullock buzzer beater (I will take any and every chance to mention that), I thought McLaughlin was a Senior.  Much to my surprise, when the Friars played them in the First Four this past year, McLaughlin was the Captain of the Trojans.  I figured he must have redshirted a season or something…but guess again.  He’s still freaking there.  He’s like the Andre Miller of College Basketball.

E.C. Matthews, URI


Even though E.C. Matthews has been at URI for what seems like forever, much like everyone else who’s on the team, he’s never beaten the Providence Friars.  No player on the Friars or Ed Cooley, have ever lost to a player on the Rams or Dan Hurley.  The tally is currently at 7 in a row and counting.  As for E.C. Matthews, he had a medical redshirt year when he hurt his knee and will now be turning 22 in less than 2 weeks.  Let’s hope that the Friars keep him winless in head-to-head matchups for his entire URI career when they visit the Ryan Center this year.

Honorable Mentions: Matt Farrell (Notre Dame), Trevon Blueitt (Xavier), Ethan Happ (Wisconsin, how is he only a Junior?), Jeffrey Carroll (Oklahoma State), Bonzi Colson (Notre Dame), Rodney Bullock (Providence), Devonte Graham (Kansas) & J.P. Macura (Xavier).

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