2 Chainz to Play Late Night Madness Next Weekend at PC


Providence College has booked 2 Chainz to play their Midnight Madness next weekend and continues their streak of being able to pull musical acts way above where I am expecting them to with their Midnight Madness.

Last year, the Friars were able to grab Lil Uzi Vert and Doris Burke for Midnight Madness.  An event in which multiple players from this year’s Freshmen class were able to attend.  Just over the past couple of years, artists and MCs such as Big Sean, Shaquille O’Neal, Ludacris, & Jalen Rose (I’ll choose to leave out Nick Cannon) have participated in the event to essentially kick off the basketball season for the Friars.

I’m curious to see if the Friars are going to have an MC along with 2 Chainz or if they’re just going to have him and his hype men get all the juices flowing amongst the student body.

Either way, get ready for a good time.

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