Akok Akok Lists Providence in His Final Five Schools, Set Official Visit


Akok Akok, the skyrocketing star from Putnam Science Academy, has narrowed his final list of schools down to 5: Providence, UConn, Syracuse, Pitt, & Georgetown.

Evan Daniels of 247Sports announced the big news for the versatile big man who will be officially visiting all five of his potential schools over the next month.  Providence has been heavily recruiting Akok long before he broke out this summer and he has been the coaching staff’s top priority throughout.  Providence will be the 2019 Forward’s first stop on his recruiting journey this coming weekend.

Akok is the the exact prototype of a player that basketball seems to be trending towards.  He has a rare combination of skillfulness, athleticism, shooting range, length, and shot blocking ability.  It probably doesn’t hurt that a bunch of guys on the Friars have played with Akok in the past on the Mass Rivals grassroots team.  Makai Ashton-Langford, David Duke, and A.J. Reeves have all played with Akok in the past and I’m sure will be in his ear about the potential of all of them playing together once again in Friartown.  I think that comfortability and previous relationship with multiple people on the team could potentially have a real impact on his decision.

As for that decision, Akok has said that he is in no hurry to rush to a decision in the near future and plans to take his time and decide where he will go to school next year at some point in the Spring.

Akok Akok is currently a consensus Top-30 rated recruit and the Friars would be incredible ecstatic to have him.

I would say this picture alone is enough to get every Friar Fan’s heart racing at the possibilities that this kid could bring to Providence.


My Lord.

You can check out Akok Akok’s recruiting page here.

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