Rodney Bullock Selected to Represent the Big East in the 3×3 Hoops National Championship


This year will be the first ever three-on-three Hoops National Championship tournament featuring College Seniors who have exhausted their eligibility and will take place at this year’s Final Four in San Antonio.  Each team will be made up of 4 payers from each respective conference, making up 32 total teams.

Rodney Bullock is replacing Xavier’s Trevon Blueitt and will be joining a team of J.P. Macura (Xavier), Desi Rodriguez (Seton Hall), and Andrew Rowsey (Marquette).

You could make up multiple teams of Big East Seniors alone this year that would take out the majority of teams from other conferences.  Angel Delgado, Kyron Cartwright, Trevon Blueitt, Kelan Martin, and Marcus Foster aren’t even on this squad.  That’s how deep the conference was with upper-classmen this season.

Now, obviously you can’t pick anyone whose team is in the actual Final Four, but Villanova’s best players are all non-Seniors anyway, so that actually doesn’t hurt the team for the 3×3 Challenge.

The games will be taking placed at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio with the winning team splitting $100,000 between the four players.  The games start at 7 PM on Friday and can be watched live on Twitter.  They will play through until Sunday.  The Final Four teams’ games (and consolation game) will be televised on ESPN2 at 3:30 PM on Sunday.

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