Isaiah Jackson Picked to Play on Team Big East in the 3x3U National Championship Tournament


This is the second year that the 3x3U National Championship is being played, where the winning team takes home a cool 100 grand if they win the tournament.  Each Division I conference across the NCAA has a 4-player team made up of Seniors that make up each team in the tournament.  Most likely, the best Seniors from your conference who are projected to be NBA draft picks will not be playing because the risk/reward of injuries occurring during this don’t make sense for what they’re projected to make in The League.

Therefore, players like Eric Paschall will not be joining Team Big East.

However, Isaiah Jackson will be joining Team Big East and will be joined by a pair of Butler Bulldogs (Nate Fowler & Paul Jorgenson), and St. John’s Senior Marvin Clark.


I’m not super pumped about the dynamics of that team in a 3 on 3 environment, mostly because in watching last year’s tournament, the skills that seem to translate the most to the 3 on 3 format are three-point shooting, athleticism, and the ability to guard multiple positions.  The two Butler players may be pigeon-holed in this type of game format despite being extremely effective in a 5 on 5 game.

Last year, Rodney Bullock played in the tournament but the Big East didn’t have much success.  I think I’m predicting a similar outcome this year but hopefully these guys can prove me wrong.

Here is the schedule of games in case you’re interested.


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