Game Recap: PC Friars Get Run Off the Floor at Creighton 83-64

Providence Friars 64

#25 Creighton Bluejays 83


Well that was certainly a downer of a game after a magnificent team performance at St. John’s.  The game was basically a polar opposite in terms of shooting for the Friars.  After making 16 three-pointers against St. John’s the Friars missed 9 of their first 10 three point attempts en route to a 3-23 mark from three.

Live by the three, die by the three I suppose.

The Friar never held a lead in the game and Friartown held their collective breath when Kyron Cartwright appeared to re-aggrevate his ankle injury.  This team is night and day when they have a healthy Kyron running things.  After trying to play through the pain, Cartwright only played 7 minutes in the 2nd half before Cooley decided that it would be best if he rested his ankle as the game became out of reach.

Game Notes:

  • The one highlight of the game was the play of Nate Watson.  Nate played his best game of the season, scoring a career-high (and game-high) 20 points on an impressive 7-11 from the field.  All of this in only 20 minutes on the floor.
  • Nate continues to get better and better at the line, hitting 6-7 from the stripe.
  • After learning very early in his college career, you have to go up and finish with authority at the college level…and Nate seems to have no problem doing that.
  • I think I have to stop prefacing my compliments for Big Nate with “for a Freshman” and just concede that some of the moves he’s making are good for anybody.  Just check out the footwork on this finish from Watson and how he positioned himself so far under the basket before even receiving the ball down low.  Just awesome stuff to watch.
  • Despite the Friars being ice cold from three, Jalen Lindsey was able to connect on 2 from three point land.  Jalen was still just 2-7 from three for 8 points.  Lindsey has now made a 3-point basket in 41 straight games, 33 of those with multiple made threes.  Here’s a breakdown of made threes over the streak from Jalen.
    • 1 made three – 9 games
    • 2 made threes – 12 games
    • 3 made threes – 10 games
    • 4 made threes – 9 games
    • 6 made threes – 1 game
  • In his limited time, Cartwright was still able to record 5 assists and stayed in sole possession of 5th place in PC history.

    1. Vincent Council – 725

    2. Ernie DiGregorio – 662

    3. Kris Dunn – 552

    4. Billy Donovan – 546

    5. Kyron Cartwright – 538

    6. Carlton Screen – 532

    7. Ricky Tucker – 520

    8. Bob Misevicius – 490

    T-9. Erik Murdock – 487

    T-9. Vin Ernst – 487

  • Bullock actually had a pretty good game, recording a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds.  This was Bullock’s first double-double on the season after just barely missing double-doubles with 9 rebounds in three other games this year against Washington, Brown, & UMass.
  • On a good note, the Friars did shoot well from the line, going 13-18 for 72.2%.
  • Alpha Diallo was off in his shooting going 4-13 from the floor for 10 points but also grabbed 8 rebounds and notched 6 assists.
  • Kalif Young and Isaiah Jackson combined for 25 minutes and 0 points.
  • Makai Ashton-Langford and Drew Edwards were the only ones to give any sort of contribution from the bench scoring 5 and 4 points, respectively.
  • I always forget how good Marcus Foster is.  I don’t know how or why, but I do.  That’s on me.
  • I love watching Khyri Thomas play, just not against the Friars.
  • Just an FYI for Creighton, crumple is spelled C-R-U-M-P-L-E, not K-R-A-M-P-E-L-J.
  • For real though, that guy has gotten so much better since last year.
  • Greg McDermott has done a great job re-loading this Creighton team.

Next Up, the Friars return back home to take on Marquette.

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