Former Friar Quadree Smith Looking Swoll as Hell for the Upcoming Season


Former Providence Friar Quadree Smith recently posted a picture of his new and completely transformed body on his Twitter account (@Dont_Hate_Q) and boy, oh boy, does he look swoll as hell.

It looks like Q has worked has ass off to get into tip-top shape for this upcoming basketball season.  Quadree transferred to Gulf Coast State College, a Junior College Men’s Basketball team with five JC Championships to their name..

Here’s a look at him back during his Freshman year at PC.


It almost doesn’t even look like the same guy…and the dude actually grew some as well.


In his short time in Providence, Smith became an absolute fan favorite with his contagious enthusiasm and energy.  Friar fans always appreciate a guy with a positive attitude who hustles, and that’s exactly what Quadree Smith did at PC.

We appreciate you right back my man.

Friartown is still rooting for Big Q (well, I guess it’s just regular sized Q now, but that doesn’t really have the same ring to it, so I’m going to continue to call him Big Q no matter how cut up he gets) and here’s to hoping him the very best!

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