Kyron Cartwright Ranked 6th Amongst College Basketball Point Guards by CBS Sports


CBS Sports recently came out with the list of the Top 9 Point Guards for this upcoming Men’s College Basketball season and Providence Friars point guard Kyron Cartwright came in ranked 6th.

Describing Cartwright as both “the glue and the engine” for the Friars could not be more on point as a description for the Senior leader for the Friars.  After averaging 6.4 assists per game last year, good enough for fourth in the nation (1st in the Big East), I am going to predict that Cartwright averages  7.5 assists per game this year.  I’ve already predicted him as a 1st Team All-Big East player and I believe that will become evident once the season begins.  The Big East is deep at guard (Villanova’s Jalen Brunson checked in at #1 on this list) but Cartwright’s assist numbers and leadership are going to be what set him apart this season.

I think Cartwright will end the season as a Top 5 point guard in all of college basketball when all is said and done.


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