David Duke to Announce His College Decision on Friday


Providence Friar top target, the homegrown David Duke, announced on his personal twitter account (@Duuukkeee) that he will be announcing his college decision this Friday.

The consensus is that the final decision is down to a two team race between Providence and Virginia Tech with the recent commitments of 2018 guards to Indiana and Florida, as well as Duke recently cancelling his official visit to Villanova, and heading to Providence instead.

The twitter response to Duke’s declaration of a Friday announcement has been overwhelmingly pro-PC vs. fans of V-Tech that want to see the versatile guard come to their school.

And for Pete’s sake, can we all just leave this dude alone now…

Everybody in Friartown keep their fingers crossed for Duke to stay home and become the next Providence homegrown superstar.

One thought on “David Duke to Announce His College Decision on Friday

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