PC Friars Offer 2019 Big Man Wildens Leveque


Per Andrew Slater of 247Sports, Providence has offered 2019 big man Wildens Leveque. Leveque is on an unofficial visit to PC this weekend and picked up the offer while on campus.  The young man also picked up an offer from Rutgers back in July after an unofficial visit there as well.

First off, before we get started, Wildens Leveque is just a fantastic name.  It’s fun to say, it’ll be even more fun to scream if he makes his way over to Providence.  With Leveque taking an unofficial to PC, if he’s there for the weekend, he’ll be able to hang out with fellow Friar recruits Noah Locke and Jimmy Nichols Jr. who will be on their official visits for the Holiday weekend.

Leveque stands at 6’9” and looks all of it when you see him on the court.  That is a guy with true size.  He plays for Gould Academy in Foxboro, MA and Mass Rivals, who Providence is getting extra familiar with now with the additions of Makai Ashton-Langford and A.J. Reeves (and hopefully David Duke soon).

That’s a nice highlight to have on YouTube, just saying. As for the little guy who tried to go for the block against Leveque on the break, all I have to say is…


I watched some clips from the FRCS (Foxboro Regional Charter School) and he looks like a man amongst boys out there.

For a guy of his size, Leveque is super athletic.  He is also a hustler.  I’d rather see that trait than someone who has just oodles of talent.  You can’t teach hustle, and Wildens Leveque looks like he likes to play with that extra gear on both sides of the court.

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