Game Recap: The #12 Friars Cruise Past St. John’s 83-65 to Improve to 14-1 on the Season

#12 Providence College Friars (14-1) 83 

St. John’s Red Storm (7-8) 65


The Providence Friars cruised to their second straight conference win over the St. John’s Red Storm at home to improve their record to 14-1.  Kris Dunn was sensational, Ben Bentil was a beast in the 2nd half, and Rodney Bullock filled in the rest as the #12 Friars got a win that was never in doubt over an over-matched St. John’s team.


Game Notes:

  • We’ll start with Kris Dunn, as usual.
  • Dunn finished with a game-high 26 points (9/17), a game-high 6 assists, a game high 9 rebounds, and a game-high 3 steals.  Maybe I’ll just start calling him “game-high” because he leads in just about every category each game.
  • Dunn struggled a little bit with turnovers, finishing with 5, that kind of off-sets his 6 assists, but the rest of his game was so fucking good that it doesn’t really matter.
  • Here’s just about the easiest assist he’s going to have all year.
  • Chris Mullin, who it looks like is going to have a rough first year until he can get his recruiting class into St. John’s had a really nice things to say about Kris after the game.

“He’s one of the best players in the country.  He’s got the total package.  He can post up and play off the dribble.  He’s an impressive player.  We tried to crowd him a little bit but he’s so good in transition.”

  • Ben Bentil was monstrous in the second half, scoring 17 of his 20 points, and grabbing 9 boards along the way.
  • He got it done on the defensive end with this massive block.
  • Bentil was able to keep the intensity up for the entire game and got called for a technical after staring down a St. John’s player at the end of the game.  It was totally worth it.  Ben is a scary mother.
  • Rodney Bullock did a little bit of everything in this game, scoring (13 points), rebounding (8 rebs), and coming up with blocks (3 swats).  Bullock has great timing for blocking shots and his length seems to be deceiving to some offensive players who think they’re going to get a shot of but end up with it back in their face.
  • Kyron Cartwright has an under-the-radar really good game.  I like when they sub in Kyron and push Kris over to the 2 guard spot.  It really gets him comfortable from a scoring standpoint to play off the ball every once in a while.  I feel like Cartwright makes one of these passes on a sting per game.  Fancy.
  • Kyron finished with 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists in 24 minutes.  That’s a really nice game off the bench from him that I would love to see become a consistent thing.
  • Kris Dunn has the highlight of the game with this impressive drive and murder of a St. John’s player.
  • I was actually really surprised he didn’t get T’d up after the flush when he just yelled right in that dude’s face.
  • Make sure you enjoy just how special of a player Kris Dunn is this year, cause I don’t know when someone like him is going to come back through here.
  • Just a quick look-in on how St. John’s season is going in Chris Mullin’s first year on the job…

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