AJ Reeves Officially Declares for the NBA Draft

The final question has officially been answered regarding the 2021-2022 Providence Friars basketball roster. AJ Reeves has decided to forego his additional year of eligibility that was granted due to COVID, signed an agent, and entered his name into the 2022 NBA Draft.

It’s always a bit misleading these days with the additional year of eligibility, when College players declare for the NBA Draft as it is more of a formality to announce that they will not be coming back to play a 5th year in college and pursuing playing somewhere professionally. It’s not that all of these players believe that they are going to get drafted in this year’s NBA Draft, but they have to declare in order to begin to pursue those opportunities.

Reeves will be remembered fondly by Friar fans for his loyalty to the program, coach, and teammates, his energetic and positive personality, and possessing one of the sweetest looking strokes to come to Providence in a long time. He was with the Friars through some real ups and downs throughout his collegiate career, persevering through a bunch of nagging injuries in his time in Friartown. However, no matter how Reeves had played prior to going into the final minutes of a close game, I ALWAYS trusted him with taking a big shot down the stretch…and making it.

AJ Reeves truly personified what it is to be a Providence Friar and there will be a lot of people in his corner rooting for him to succeed at the next level.

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s green where you water it.”

– AJ Reeves

Once A Friar, Always A Friar.

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