PC 2021 Target Breon Pass Commits to NC State

Pic via @as_t_editz

Providence Friar 2021 recruiting target Breon Pass has officially announced his commitment to North Carolina State. The dynamic point guard previously narrowed his final school list down to just four, including Providence, NC State, Georgia Tech, & ECU.

I figured that Pass was most likely going to choose between PC and NC State with the Wolfpack having the edge due to being so close to Pass’ home and family. I think that was one of the deciding factors in Breon’s ultimate decision and I can’t fault him one bit for that. Ed Cooley appeared to be the exact type of coach that Pass continually mentioned that he was looking for, one who prides himself on personal relationships with his players that last long after the players are no longer playing basketball where he coaches.

The Friars are currently included in the final lists for 4 active recruiting targets in the 2021 class.

Bryce Hopkins – Top 9

Rafael Castro – Top 3

Darius Johnson – Top 3, committing on October 1st

Kuluel Mading – Top 8

If the Friars could grab Johnson and one of the 3 other targets, it will set them up nicely for a well-rounded class.

Best of luck to Breon at NC State, I think he is being totally under-appreciated in the 2021 class rankings due to his late decision to focus solely on basketball in college and the inability for a lot of games to be played so far this year to get him out there amongst top competition.

2 thoughts on “PC 2021 Target Breon Pass Commits to NC State

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