Kyron Cartwright Signs with Phoenix Hagen in Germany


After playing his first two seasons in Hungry (Alba Fehérvár) and Engalnd (Leicester), Providence College alum Kryon Cartwright has officially signed with Phoenix Hagen in Germany for this upcoming basketball season.

In 11 games last season, Cartwright averaged 9.1 assists, 8.6 points, 4.0 rebounds, and sported a fantastic 3.1:1 assist to turnover ratio.  Cartwright was second in the British Basketball League in assists to Rahmon Fletcher of the Newcastle Eagles but Fletcher averaged a full turnover more per game than Kyron did, so I’ll take that any day over the barely 0.1 percent of difference in assists.  Quick sidenote, this pic of Cartwright is fucking awesome.


Aaaaand, we’re back.

Once Cartwright got to Leicester, he was given full ownership over the point guard duties unlike when he was in Hungry playing for Alba Fehérvár alongside former Providence College teammate Rodney Bullock.  In his first year playing professional ball in Hungry, the lefty distributor averaged 6.8 ppg, 4.4 apg, & 2.3 rpg on 23.8 minutes of playing time per game.  Even though he led the team in assists during the 2018-2019 season, he played in only 9 games out of the 18 games the team played that season.  Despite appearing in only 9 contests, he was still able to record assists totals of 11, 11, 12, 17, & 19.  He also threw in a 30 point game, just for fun.  Over those 5 games with 70 assists, the Train Conductor turned the ball over a total of 11 times.  

In taking a look at the roster for Phoenix Hagen, their leading assist guy and point guard last season was Jon Octeus who played a year at Purdue and two years in the MWC at Colorado State.  His stats in his sole year as a Boilermaker don’t jump out at you (9.3ppg/4.9rpg/2.2apg) and everything about his game doesn’t give off the vibe of a true point guard like Cartwright.  His assist totals with every team that he’s played for trend more towards a 2 guard but his shooting percentages don’t follow suit.  You would figure that in his two seasons with Colorado State that his number must have been much better, especially for Purdue to pursue him as a transfer but he only average 1.8 assists per game over his Freshman and Sophomore seasons there.


In a somewhat curious move, it looks like Phoenix Hagen also recently signed Jermaine Bishop this past week.  At first glance, Bishop is also listed as a point guard but he is most definitely a combo guard at the very least.  Plus, Cartwright is very comfortable playing alongside another ball handler…what’s up Kris Dunn?  Bishop played 2 seasons as a Billiken before one last season with Norfolk State.  He averaged just 2.6 assists across those three years.  Also, with the back-to-back signings of Bishop and Cartwright, it would appear that Phoenix Hagen wants the two to play alongside each other.


In my opinion, Cartwright is the only point guard of the bunch and the one who you want leading your breaks and team.  I always say this, but I’m just crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to stream some games of the Former Friar Facilitator.


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