Kalif Young Close to an Agreement with Bornova Belediye in Turkey


Let the Big Dog EAT!!!

Let’s fire up the old google translate to see what’s actually going on with the beginning of.  Kalif’s professional basketball career.

SPECIAL NEWS – Bornova Municipality is close to an agreement with long Canadian rookie Kalif Young, born in 1997.

I want to start off by giving the biggest of congratulations to Kalif, one of the most likable and hard-working Friars players we’ve been able to watch play for Providence in recent memory.  Just as a side note, I love how they list Kalif’s three point percentage in the photo statistical breakdown of Young.  It probably would’ve looked much more impressive if they just gave the percentage (50%) and not the 1/2 stat line.  Given the playing style of most of the European Leagues, it makes sense that three-point percentage would actually be a relevant statistic for big guys.


In looking at the roster for the team, all but one of the players is Turkish.  The only player from another country is the lone seven-footer and starting center for the team, Hasan Rizvic, who is Slovenian.  It appears that Rizvic would be the main competition for Young to earn some minutes.  The starting center averaged a really solid stat line of 14.0 ppg, 8.0 rpg, and 2.6 apg last season but is getting up there in age (36) and could possibly use some relief from the bench throughout the season after averaging a team high 30.7 minutes per game.  Some good news about Rizvic’s style of play is that he does all of his damage inside the three-point line much like Kalif, not even attempting a three-point shot last year.

For Young’s Senior season, the Canadian baller averaged just shy of 20 minutes per game, a career high.  The injuries to Nate Watson and his slow return back to full strength contributed for the slight increase in playing time for Young.  He also recorded new career-highs in points (5.0 ppg), rebounds (4.9 rpg), assists (0.9 apg), and steals (0.6 spg), also improving his free throw shooting (55.1%) which has been the one thorn in his side through his first three seasons at Providence.  Young was able to improve his free throw percentage each season with the Friars.

My favorite part of Kalif’s game, which I have mentioned to anybody who would listen over the past four years, is his ability and willingness to run the floor.  Young has been blessed to be paired with great point guards over his collegiate career who were more than happy to reward the big man’s high effort.  His passion and positivity are infectious and I’m sure he will continue to be a incredible teammate wherever his career takes him.  I think I speak for all of Friartown when I say that we couldn’t be happier for Young and it couldn’t be happening to a better guy.


Friarbasketball.com is always there when you’re looking for individual or career highlights and they’re able to accommodate us with Young’s career highlights here as well.

Here’s some quick snippet highlights I’ve posted over the years just because…


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