Providence’s Big East Conference Schedule Released


The Big East Conference schedule was released on Thursday for the 2018-2019 Men’s Basketball season and it’s starting to feel like college basketball is just around the corner now.

John Fanta announced the schedule for each Big East team on the Big East Shootaround that you can re-watch right here.

Now, if you’re looking just for Providence’s Big East schedule, and you know you are, here’s a look at the upcoming Big East Conference slate for the Friars.


For the first time in what seems like forever (or 3 years) the Friars will start of with a home game at The Dunk.  In fact, the Friars start off with 2 straight at home but don’t get any time at all to ease into the season as they take on Creighton and Villanova.  The Creighton game will take place on New Year’s Eve at 4 PM and is the only Big East game being played on that day.  Lucky us.  Villanova being on a Saturday at 2 PM is perfect as a fan…until you realize that the students are on Winter Break on January 5th when it takes place.  Hopefully enough of them live close enough to come back and rock The Dunk into outer space for that one anyway.  I came back when I was in school and saw an all-timer in the #18 Texas vs. #25 PC game in 2004, and that’s the kind of stakes that this one would have against the defending National Champion Wildcats.

Is it just me or there seem to be a lot of afternoon games for this upcoming season?  Of the 7 Saturday games, 5 of them are at noon at the other pair are at 2 PM.  I can’t remember if all of the Saturday games are usually in the afternoon or if they sometimes get a night game here or there but that doesn’t look to be the case this year.

My Top 5 games on the schedule that I’m looking forward to.

5. Away at Villanova on Wednesday February 13th at 6:30 PM

4. Home against Creighton on New Year’s Eve at 4 PM

3. Away at St. John’s at MSG on Saturday February 9th at Noon

2. Home against Marquette on Saturday February 23rd at Noon

1. Home against Villanova on Saturday January 5th at 2 PM

Sneaky pick: Away at DePaul because those bastards always seem to beat us once a year.  Over the last three seasons, DePaul has a Big East Conference record of 9-45.  Of those 9 wins, 3 have come against the Friars.  A third of their conference wins over the past three season have come against Providence.  The two teams have split each of the last three season series.  That can’t continue to happen.

I still can’t believe of how many good college basketball people ESPN got rid of when they had their last major round of layoffs but Andy Katz is one of my all-time favorites and him and Stu Jackson broke down the Big East Conference schedule with some initial reactions once it was released.


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