Game Recap: PC Finally Wins A Close Game Late, 84-83 in Double OT at St. John’s

Providence Friars 84 (12-5) – St. John’s Red Storm 83 (9-8) 2OT
It looks like the basketball Gods aren’t completely against the Friars after all.  PC was able to take down St. John’s 84-83 on the road on Thursday night behind a game winner from Bryce Cotton that finally didn’t get spoiled by a subsequent ensuing defensive breakdown.  Cotton was able to finish on a drive in double OT (the Friars 2nd double OT game of the season), connecting on his 5,624 big-balls clutch shot of the year (numbers approximate) and bring the Friars to .500 in the Big East at 2-2.  
It’s almost impossible for the Friars to compete in any game that goes into extra time as they basically play a 6-man rotation and have no depth to speak of whatsoever.  They technically went 8 deep last night but Brice Kofane only played 2 minutes and the big lug that is Lee Goldsborough played 5 minutes, all in OT, and only because Batts ended up following out.  That left both Fortune and Cotton to play all 50 minutes of the game, showing incredible stamina and fortitude for their razor thin backcourt.
Although Fortune still has way too many lapses for me in his Sophomore season, there’s really no one else to take his minutes with Kris Dunn’s college career being decimated by injuries thus far.  So, he’ll have to continue to play through these growing pains and hopefully grow out of some of the bad habits that are dragging his game down a little so far…and hopefully improve his 3 point shooting in the process.
The real story is, as it always seems to be, Bryce “Ice” Cotton’s herculean effort in the win.  He did pretty much everything you could ask for from a 1st team Big East player and Senior.  I think he’s still extremely underrated on a National scale, but I don’t think anything is going to change that unless PC can somehow work their way into the Top 25 discussion (which would take a heck of a winning streak at this point) or crush the Big East Tournament.
Cotton’s Stat Line: 21 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, playing all 50 minutes of the game and hitting the game winner immediately after getting a defensive stop is fucking impressive.
Not to be lost in Cotton’s greatness, both Batts and Henton putting up 17 points and 9 boards, while Tyler Harris dropping in 18 points on 6 of 9 shooting.
NEXT UP: At the Dunk vs. #20 Creighton Bluejays and Doug McDermott


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