PC Coach Ed Cooley Named the 41st Best Coach in College Basketball by ESPN


Providence Friar Men’s Basketball coach Ed Cooley was recently named the number 41 in ESPN’s countdown of the best 50 current coaches in Men’s College basketball.  They say that the list is a list of the best coaches right now and surveyed 100 writers, editors, broadcasters, and researchers (whoever the shit they were) and had them rate all the coaches with a 1 to 10 ranking.
Coach Cooley is 57-44 in his three years since taking over as the head coach of the Friars and this year, was able to lead Providence to just their second Big East Tournament Championship in their history, taking the first conference championship tournament since the creation of the ‘New’ Big East.
All you have to do is look at the teams he has coached, check out their records from when he got there, and you can see the effect he has on teams.
2006-2007: 13-19
2007-2008: 14-16
2008-2009: 17-15
2009-2010: 23-11
2010-2011: 25-8
2011-2012: 15-17
2012-2013: 19-15
2013-2014: 23-12
Not to mention that the man can recruit and has been able to lure 6 top 100 recruits to PC in his first three years there.
I love everything about the homegrown coach.  Great coach.  Even better guy.
Here’s what ESPN had to say about Cooley.


No. 41: Ed Cooley, Providence


Providence senior Bryce Cotton just put together one of the most impressive individual seasons — Cotton averaged 21.8 points, 5.9 assists and 3.5 rebounds in 39.9 minutes per game — in 2013-14. To say he was instrumental to the Friars’ success is a huge understatement, but Cooley has done a great job on the recruiting trail, and his bench is better stocked now than any Providence team in recent memory. Cooley’s done a great job there.


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