Josh Fortune Transfers from PC – PROVIDENCE – In what can only be termed a puzzling development Josh Fortune, a two-year starter on the Providence College basketball team, has decided to transfer.
Fortune, who played 33 minutes a game as a sophomore this past season, must sit out the 2014-15 season and would have two years of eligibility remaining. Reached at his home in Hampton, Va., Fortune declined comment on the reasoning for his transfer Friday. His mother, Angela, said her son didn’t want to talk to the Journal until he was free to speak with other colleges.
Welp, I can’t say I saw that one coming at all.  Josh Fortune has decided to transfer from Providence College and will have to sit out a year before being eligible again.  Although there has been no word from Josh as to the reasons behind his transfer, the consensus is that he wants to be closer to home in Virginia.
It is odd that he would want to transfer after being a starter last season and taking some steps forward from his freshman to sophomore year, particularly with regards to his shooting, and especially at the end of the year.  Fortune was able to score in double-figures in 7 of PC’s last 10 games and had become reliable from 3-point range after struggling during much of his Freshman season.

Without Fortune turning it on in the Big East tournament and dropping 24 on St. John’s, Providence wouldn’t have won the Big East Tournament and probably wouldn’t have made the NCAA tournament at all.
It is rumored that he would like to transfer to an ACC school, and since there are plenty to choose from around his hometown of Hampton, VA (Virginia, VTech, everything in Carolina).  I’m sure he would make a welcome addition to a good team.
I may have been critical of Josh’s decision-making, which at times was horrendous, but he had a gorgeous looking shot.  It’s really too bad that the Friars only got to take part in the early stages of his developmental growth as a player and another team will now get to reap the benefits that PC helped grow during his first two seasons.
Now the Friars are going to need to replace three starters from last year’s team instead of only two (Cotton & Batts).  The whole was already going to be huge with the seniors who left and it’s just gotten a little larger.  Fuck.  Every single time that the next season looks bright for the Friars, something shitty happens.  Players being suspended (Austin/Bullock/Pederson), hurt (Dunn), or leaving (Ledo).
P.S. In all honesty, I can see why he would want to be close to home after hearing about his family last year.


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