Game Recap: PC Easily Dismantles Navy and Kris Dunn Looks Even Better Than Advertised

Providence Friars (3-0) 88 – Navy Midshipmen (0-3) 51
Picture from Glenn Osmundson/The Providence Journal
This may be the only game the Friars have all season where their fans could sit back, relax, and just enjoy themselves while the Friars clicked on all cylinders on their way to a nice, easy, breezy Covergirl victory.  So don’t get used to it just quite yet but it was nice to finally be a part of one of those.
The Friars shot 11-21 from three after not hitting a single three-point shot last game.  Hopefully this kind of shooting will be more the norm going forward.
It seemed like every single player on the Friars came to play yesterday, both offensively and defensively. LeDontae Henton led all scorers with 22 points and Tyler Harris chipped in 11 points but it was two other guys who jumped off the screen during the game.
The first is Ben Bentil.  He was reeking havoc all over the court during the game.  Whether it was running the floor, pounding the offensive glass, or showing a bit of a surprising outside game, he looked by far the best he has so far on the young season.  If Chukwu can develop over the next couple years, I really like that frontcourt for the future, especially defensively.  It’s a nice when you can have an 18 point game off the bench in your back pocket.
The second is Kris Dunn.  My, Oh, My.  Kris Dunn looked fucking fantastic out there.  Dunn had 12 points, 7 rebounds, and a career-high 14 assists (and 3 steals) in an almost-triple-double while being in complete control of the game.  His stats somehow understate how much he was dictating everything on the floor.
His anticipation of where people are going to be or even where they should be is next level stuff. He’s like a quarterback who throws his receivers open.  His pass tells you where you should be.  If he can continue running the offense like this, this team has a chance to make a little noise.
Some quick notes from the game:
  • Kris Dunn’s passing was impressive but my man has a silky jumper to complement it.  It’s exciting watching him play now that he’s healthy and you can tell why the CT product was a McDonald’s All-American.
  • Carson, I thought I told you to cut the shit with the foul line jumpers.
  • Coach Cooley looked especially dapper for the game.  It looks like you have some competition Jay Wright.
  • How about Teddy Bancroft with 2 long-distance treys at the end of the game…and that black eye makes him look pretty tough, no?
  • So if my math is right, we beat Navy by 37.  Michigan State beat Navy by 5.  So if we play Michigan State, we would beat them by 32.  That seems about right.  Math.


Next Up, the Friars travel to Mohegan Sun for the Hall of Fame Tip Off Tournament. They’ll take on FSU on Saturday at 2:30 and Notre Dame on Sunday at the same time.  I’ll see everyone out there on Saturday.  Friar Up!


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