Bullock and Cartwright were also named to USBWA All-District 1st Team with Kyron being named Player of the Year

The USBWA All-District Teams are broken out by colleges that fall into each particular regional district.  District 1 consists of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Mass, and Connecticut.  There were 12 players selected to this district’s team.  They usually have 10 players but in case of ties, they can have a few more

Jalen Adams, UConn

Evan Boudreaux, Dartmouth

Rodney Bullock, Providence

Kyron Cartwright, Providence

Anthony Lamb, Vermont

Tanner Leissner, New Hampshire

Hassan Martin, Rhode Island

E.C. Matthews, Rhode Island

Jerome Robinson, Boston College

Steven Speith, Brown

T. J. Williams, Northeastern

Nisre Zouzoua, Bryant

Kyron was named the player of the year in the district and Vermont Coach John Becker was named Coach of the Year.  I don’t have a huge problem with Becker being named as Vermont was the first team to ever go undefeated in conference play in the American East, going 16-0.  We will see VT in the NCAA tournament most likely.

Twelve players does seem like a lot for an All-District Team.  If I were going to go with 5, I would probably have it as Kyron Cartwright, Jalen Adams, Rodney Bullock, Hassan Martin, and Steven Speith.

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