#4 Seeded Friars Face #12 Seed Richmond in the 2nd Round at 6:10 PM on TNT

#4 Providence Friars (26-5)

#12 Richmond Spiders (24-12)

Saturday March 17th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day PARADES for ‘Lucky’ Friartown

6:10 PM – Oddly specific time, but I’ll take it

Buffalo, NY (KeyBank Center)

TNT – Oh, now we’re big time

Yes, I would rather face Richmond than Iowa, but no, I don’t think this year’s Friars team overlooks anybody. They never win by enough points to be able to look past someone, so I don’t see that changing now, especially in the NCAA Tournament. Richmond made the Big Dance by winning the A10 conference tournament, which you may have already assumed with the 12 losses on their record. Or not, because apparently Michigan can lose almost half their games and still make, so what do I know?

Just some random quick thoughts with little to no analysis of the game anywhere to be seen.

  • No actually likes spiders, AmIRight?
  • This is the first time I feel good about our mascot vs. another team in recent memory.
  • Richmond’s leading scorer and rebounder, Tyler Burton, played with Mass Rivals with Providence’s A.J. Reeves, so this is a big game for the two of them and Mass Rivals in general to get this type of National recognition.
  • Shout out to Coach Tom Nelson who you can follow on Twitter here. Seems to be a great dude and is always giving love to his former players.
  • As The Providence Crier pointed out in his game preview, the stats for Richmond and Providence are eerily similar.
  • I will give Richmond some props on having an absolutely gorgeous campus.
  • Damn, Lil Dicky went there. I totally forgot about that episode in Season 2 of Dave where he talks about going there. Shoot. Well, check out the show Dave because it’s awesome but just skip the episode when he starts to talk about Richmond. Ok, deal.
  • There has to be some infamous alumni for the Spider somewhere too. Former baseball player Sean Casey went there who is universally known as like the nicest guy to ever play the sport.
  • The Friars are still being disrespected with a 3 points spread. I’m slowly making back all the tuition I spent there.
  • Just a reminder that Fanta is the best.


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