Drew Edwards Announces He Will Not Be Returning to Providence Next Year


It has been announced that Drew Edwards will not be using his final year of eligibility with the Providence Friars next season.  Edwards has one year left after receiving a medical redshirt for a knee injury that limited him to just 9 games in the 2016-2017 season.

Over the course of his four years at Providence, the one thing that you could always rely on with Edwards was his effort on the court and a guy who carries himself with class and is a great representation of what the Friars want their student-athletes to be, on and off the court.  Since the news broke on his transferring, I have not seen a single bad thing by a single fan, media member, coach, or player about him.  I think that says a lot about someone’s character.


I was always a big proponent of playing Drew against a zone.  Many times, he seemed like he was the only player on the floor that was willing to attack the zone from the perimeter, thus opening up things for everyone else.  He utilized his pump fake extremely well when he got into the guts of the zone, often freeing up someone for an easy bucket in the process.  Something that may been forgotten is that Edwards was a very reliable free throw shooter, knocking down 74% from the line of his four years.  It had probably never been more apparent than last year that good free throw shooters may actually be harder to come by than people realize.  This past season, Edwards clocked in at a fancy 85.7% from the line.

Edwards was also a very tough defender and his court vision was underrated in my opinion.  Is it weird that it feels like this is coming off like an obituary?  I think it’s because I’m talking about him in the past tense but all these kudos still apply to the player he is today and will be next season.

Any team is going to be lucky to have Edwards for one last run.  All of Friartown is going to be pulling for him to succeed wherever he goes and checking the stat sheets to see how he’s doing.

Best of luck Drew!

And who could forget his most memorable pass as a Friar…

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