Game Recap: The PC Friars Fall Short Against an Impressive Michigan Team 66-47

Providence Friars (3-2) 47

#18 Michigan Wolverines (5-0) 66


Well, shit.  Michigan is a really freaking good team.  They have depth, experience, and are really, really, good defensively.  Michigan was able to hold the Friars to just 47 points on 28.1% shooting and a paltry 11.1% from three.  They also out-rebounded Providence and forced more turnover than they committed.  They pretty much did everything right in order to win the Championship game of the Air Force Reserve Tip-Off.

This is one of the few times where I’ll just tip my cap and acknowledge that Michigan was the far better team.

Although Michigan won the game by 19 points, I don’t think they are currently 20 points better than Providence right now.  It’s probably more like 10 at this moment, but I could see it getting closer as the young guns on the Friars continue to mature as the season goes on.

Game Notes:

  • So, it looks like I have the first member of the All-Hate Team already locked and loaded.  Hello, Ignas Brazdeikis.
  • Is it his constant smirking, or the fact that he thinks he’s way better than he is, or the fact that he gave an interview before the game about his hair stylings, or the fact that he’s 20 years old and he’s still technically a Freshman, or that he looks like a combination between the lead singer from Arcade Fire and Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire?
  • The only difference being the fact that the other two guys actually pull it off.
  • No one on the Friars had a particularly good night, so I don’t think we need to focus so much on the negatives (and there were many) of this one and we should probably just move on and use it as a learning experience.
  • Ahhhh, but Nate made me happy, if only for a moment with this one…
  • David Duke looked pretty good in back-to-back games now and was only one of two players to shoot over 50% on the night.
  • Duke went 5-8 for 12 points, one of three players in double-figures.
  • Alpha Diallo was the second player in double-figures with 10 points although he was just 3-13 from the field going up against some stellar defense from Michigan’s Charles Matthews.  In fairness to Diallo, he was able to do just Big Nate was as good, if not a better job, on Matthews, holding him to just 5 points on 2-7 shooting.  In the four games prior to that, Matthews scored 10, 20, 19, and 25 points while shooting 53% from the field.
  • Quick check in on my prediction that Diallo will lead the team in points, rebounds, and assists this season.
    • 17.6 ppg (1st)
    • 9.4 rpg (1st)
    • 4.6 apg (1st)
  • Alpha had to work hard for every basket in this one.
  • Big Nate was the third Friar in double-figures for the Friars, scoring 10 points.  Much like the game against South Carolina, Nate wasn’t great from the floor (2-7) but was stellar from the line going 6-7.  Watson is shooting just 61% from the line for the season but it looks like he’s trending very much in the right direction.
  • And is just me or do Nate’s dunks have a little more umph in the this year?
  • Isaiah Jackson had a stat line to forget in this one.  Jackson played 25 minutes of the bench but was 0-7 with no points.  He did a little bit of everything else but he had this block and rip off of Arcade Fire, so it wasn’t all bad…
  • Emmitt Holt upped his minutes from 7 to 9..we’re getting closer baby…

Up Next, the Friars get to celebrate Thanksgiving before returning to The Dunk to take on Iona on Saturday at 4 PM.  I should be in a leftovers coma at that point and primed to do anything that allows me to lay on the couch and watch sports.


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