PC Friars Offer 2019 Small Forward Au’Diese Toney


The Providence Friars have offered 2019 small forward Au’Diese Toney of Trinity Christian Academy in Alabama.  Justin Byerly of Prep Hoops was the first to break the news of the Providence offer.

Toney is a 6’6′ wing that seems to be leaning towards Virginia Tech at the time, with the Hokies being the only team that Toney has unofficially visited so far.  With Jeff Capel at Pitt, they have been recently involved with a ton of recruits, so there’s always the outside chance that they can become a factor amongst some top High School players.  At least that’s Pitt’s hope.

Au’Diese (side note, I have no idea how in the world that is pronounced), ran with Team United on the AAU circuit but now plays for Team Felton alongside another top PC recruit in Greg Gantt, based on some recent pictures I’ve seen.

From the looks of his highlights on YouTube, the kid is a gamer.  He seems to have that competitive fire that thrives in the Providence Friars system and team culture.  Plus, he a lefty, which Ed Cooley seems to have an affinity for.  Toney is a dynamic player that can play multiple positions and be a versatile player if he ventured his way over to Providence.

The kid has the look of a young Mo Peterson.  It’s hard not compare lefties to previous lefties but I think that actually looks like a decent comp, so I’m sticking with it.  You can follow Au’Diese on Twitter at @thefuturetoney.

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