Game Recap: DePaul Humiliates the Friars at Home, 80-63

Providence Friars 63 (16-9)

DePaul Blue Demons 80 (10-14)


What is it with Providence and DePaul.  The Blue Demons have beaten us once in each of the past three seasons.  For some reason, the Friars just drop the ball when they need to beat these cellar-dwellers.

The last two times were at least at DePaul, this time was at our own place.

It was a really embarrassing loss for the Friars in a game that might come back to haunt them as a bad loss on their NCAA resume.  DePaul was up 58-27 at one point in the second half before eventually winning by 17.  The Blue Demons shot 60% from the field for the game.  You’re not going to win many games when your opponent shoots like that.

Game Notes:

  • Nate Watson was literally the only guy on the Friars who played well so he’s the only one I’m going to give some props to.
  • Watson 6-7 from the floor for a team-high 14 points in just 18 minutes.
  • The Friars shot 33.8% from the floor and let DePaul shoot 60.4% from the floor.
  • The Friars were just 2-19 from three (10.5%) while DePaul went 8-18 (44.4%)
  • The Friars had just 6 assists as a team and 17 turnovers.
  • And that’s how you lose to DePaul by 17 at home.

Up Next, the Friars take on Villanova in a game that would be huge if they were to win it.

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