Game Recap: PC Squeeks Out Win Number 19 Against Seton Hall

Providence Friars 74 (19-10) Seton Hall Pirates 69 (14-15)

The end of the game was a little dicey but at least the Friars were able to put this one away and get another W in the record books.  That makes it 19 wins for those of you counting at home.  If they can get a win against Marquette and 1 more in the Big East tournament, the Friars should be firmly in the NCAA tournament.  It shouldn’t matter whether they beat Creighton one way or the other, but in the oft chance that they do, that spot in the dance is guaranteed.

Cotton woke up in the 2nd half of this one, scoring 17 of his game-high 24 points and hopefully baby-stepping towards the big dance.  I thought Tyler Harris played especially well in the second half, contributing in every facet of the game to help PC to the win.

The commentators of the game mentioned that Cotton is over 1,800 career points now, which is incredible considering he only averaged 4 points a game his freshman year.  He led the Big East in scoring last year and because of injuries, he led the Big East in assists this year because he was forced to shift to PG (oh, and he still managed to be 2nd in scoring only b/c McDermott is the consensus NCAA player of the year).

Next Up, PC takes on Marquette in their last home game of the season on Tuesday March 4th at the Dunk.

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