Game Recap: PC Pretty Much Guarantees Needing Championship Run in the Big East Tourney with Loss to Georgetown

Providence Friars 71 (16-9) Georgetown Hoyas 83 (15-9)
I probably sound like a broken record, but there’s only so much PC can do with such a limited amount of contributors.  Bryce Cotton (31 points), Tyler Harris (13 points), & Kadeem Batts (14 points) combined to score 82% of the points for the Friars.  You’re not going to win the majority of your games when a team can focus on stopping just a couple of guys and trying to make other players on your team beat them.
With this loss, the Friars have now lost 4 of their last 5 games and with one more loss could find themselves free-falling down the Big East conference rankings and settling near the bottom heading into the conference tournament.  Their record now sits at 16-9, just a couple of games after being 15-5 and holding sole possession of 3rd place in the Big East.
Cotton was able to bounce back nicely from a disappointing performance against Xavier, where he was held to single digit points for just the second time this season.  He was hitting from everywhere on the floor and at times seemed unstoppable during his extremely efficient 8-14 shooting performance that included a criminal crossover and step-back jumper.
Once again, the Friars faded down the stretch and were able to overcome a late surge by the Hoyas and ended up taking back-to-back losses on the road.
Just two quick side notes:
1) The refs were atrocious.  Not just against PC either.  Just overall terrible calls all night long.
2) I already knew Nate Lubick looked like a piece of shit but I got some confirmation tonight.  He was flopping all over the place (luckily for him the refs don’t know the difference between a charge and a block) and dunks with like 10 seconds left to try and look like a hardo but instead looks like a jackass.
P.S. How is he still in college?  He has to be like 43.


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