Julian Gressel Named as Finalist for MLS Rookie of the Year


The finalists for all of the 2017 MLS year-end awards were announced, and former Friar Julian Gressel of Atlanta United was named as one of the finalists for the AT&T Rookie of the Year Award.

There were 3 finalists for the Rookie of the Year and they were Gressel (Atlanta United), Abu Danladi (Minnesota United FC), and Jack Elliot (Philadelphia Union).

Danladi was the first overall selection in this past year’s draft, Elliot was the 77th pick (4th rd, 11th pick), and Gressel was the 8th overall pick.  If you’re t Just a quick look comparing the numbers this year for the three players.

Dunladi: 27 games (15 starts), 8 goals (tied for 37th in the MLS), 3 assists

Elliot: 30 games (29 starts), 1 goal, 1 assist…but he is a defender, so his value is in the back.

Gressel: 32 games (24 starts), 5 goals, 9 assists (tied for 9th in the MLS)

I would say that Gressel is the front-runner for the award, especially with how unexpectedly good Atlanta was in their first season in the MLS.  Most of the things I’ve read have said as much, but it’s hard to define the contributions of a defender sometimes.

Gressel dropped in to visit the Friars last week as well.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday November 8th.

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