Marquette Fan Sends PC Athletics $10 Check for Kris Dunn’s Missed Free Throw

I want to hate this move from this Marquette fan for taking the time to actually write this letter out to PC Athletics because it’s such a brag-y thing that can’t be considered brag-y because it’s so obviously a joke.  It’s just that little bit of needling that goes in but if you get mad then they know that it worked and then they’ve got you for overreacting to some friendly ribbing.  And that’s what makes it so good.  It’s some salt in the wound that you can’t react to.

The kid, Jamey Schilling, is a writer for Marquette sports and it’s going to get him a good amount of attention because it’s actually pretty witty and clever, so kudos to him I guess.

Hey Kris, how about you just knock down the free throws next time so we don’t get trolled by little college reporters.

Also, just as a sidenote, Kris can’t actually accept this $10 because it would be an NCAA violation, just in case you were wondering.

The response from Marquette University is so classic college administrator though.  The kid was so clearly making a joke and the University tries to use it as a show of good sportsmanship…in what fucking world?

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